Acne Spot Treatment – Fix-A-Zit

Acne Spot Treatment – Fix-A-Zit



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  • ACNE SPOT TREATMENT – Fix-a-Zit is an all-natural, effective way to fight pimples. It works while you sleep, so you can wake up to clearer skin. 
  • QUICK AND EASY – After washing, rub in a tiny dab of this all natural acne gel on each zit before bed. See results the next morning.
  • ALL NATURAL – This acne spot treatment’s natural ingredients not only get rid of zits, it also helps prevent blemishes from coming back. It works on all types of pimples, including facial acne, backne, buttne, back, shoulders, chest, neck, buttocks and legs. It works on blackheads, whiteheads, postules, papules, nodules, cysts, and welts.
  • LIFTS YOUR CONFIDENCE – No more embarrassing blemishes on your face!


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